• During Your Appointment

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What to Expect at your first appointment

You've made an important decision to have your hearing assessed. By making this decision you'll not only learn if you have a hearing loss, you'll learn how we can help you address it. Before your first appointment, take some time to note situations or environments in which you've had difficulty hearing. Many people also find it helpful to bring a friend or family member to the appointment to share their observations and important details or instructions.

  • Before Your Appointment

Typically, the first appointment consists of a series of questions about your hearing history in order for us to understand any medical issues that could be affecting your hearing. Your hearing will then be tested by the Audiologist to assess your hearing ranges. You will be asked to indicate when you can hear certain levels of sounds or tones in each ear. The Audiologist will review the test results with you and identify if you have a hearing loss.

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