Audiology & Testing

Audiologists are the only doctors trained to specifically measure hearing loss and help with
the rehabilitation of hearing. All of our professional audiologists have doctorates in Audiology, Au.D., from accredited universities.

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How can we help you?

If you think your hearing has changed, visit our office to find out how we can help you. Always have an audiologist evaluate your hearing, interpret your test results, confirm your degree and type of hearing deficit, and recommend the type and prescriptive method for amplification and fit hearing instruments when needed.

How do we test your hearing?

There are a variety of tests designed to assess your hearing, but the most common and reliable one is the pure tone audiogram. You are asked to listen to a series of beeping tones and let us know when you hear them. The results are recorded on an audiogram.

Professional Audiologists

Along with the audiogram, during your testing you will be asked to repeat one syllable words to determine how well you understand what you are hearing. Our audiologists have years of experience in helping people get the most from their hearing.

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